So Far, Oh So Good!

Quick hits as I watch the game:

  • The Soup is on again! Man, what a great pickup so far!   
  • Prince’s bomb was right on cue with O.B. (sounds like a gangsta nickname) describing his homers against the Cubs a week ago. 
  • Did anyone else yell "BALK" at the TV when Wells balked, and have their wife look at them and say, "What is that again?"
  • Can someone make that lady in the yellow hooded sweatshirt behind left handed batters stop waving at the camera? Once was good, twice was starting to get annoying, but every time is ridiculous! 
  • How lucky are we to have Erin Andrews on the sidelines tonight?
  • Doug Melvin got the short end of the stick! Suppan went 1-2-3 when he was in the booth. He barely gets a minute and Steve Phillips has to give his two cents to shorten his stay even more.
  • "Fielder is halfway to a cycle." I can not wait for the triple!
  • Since when does ESPN care about the BrewersSutcliffe actually seems to like them and think they will be "great for years to come."
  • Does anyone know the story of the guy that sits on the left corner of the opponent dugout in the retro jerseys every game with his camera?  I see him every single game and wonder how he is lucky enough to be able to go to every game.  There has to be a story there.
  • A special thanks to ESPN for leaving Chris Berman back, back, back, back, back in Bristol.  For a guy that is good ‘with leather’, he is terrible at calling games.
  • Is there a reason for back to back days off for Rickie Weeks?  Should we be concerned about something?
  • 3 ball walk for Pujols!!! I thought so! Has anyone ever seen that?? Ridiculous!
  • I am so glad I was wrong about Kevin Mench.
  • To answer my previous question, CBS Sportsline has the following: "Rickie Weeks was out of the lineup for Monday’s game against the Cardinals due to an injured index finger on his right hand. Tony Graffanino was getting the start at second base on Monday in his absence after Craig Counsell got a start there on Sunday."  Not sure how I missed that.
  • The Pirates-Cubs game just went final.  Pirates 3 – Cubs 2.  It is way too early to worry about who is in second place… so I am very happy the "hated" Cubs got beat… again!  My opinion might change if the Bucs are still in it in September.  The weekend series against them will be a good one.
  • Note to ESPN: Most of the rest of America does not care about the Yankees.  Stop forcing them down our throats with that east coast slant you have.  People exist in the rest of the country and most of us would rather see other teams than them (along with the Red Sox and Mets too, to be honest).  Show me the Royals, Rockies, Orioles, Blue Jays, Mariners, Rangers, Indians and other teams instead… and don’t have them be games against the Yankees, Red Sox, or Mets.  Do not worry, we will watch!
  • O.B. just said, "Don’t be surprised if, come the All Star game the Brewers are in first place, and even in September and October, the Brewers are in your playoff watching plans." Nice!
  • "The Brewers win….. thhhhheeeee Brewers win!"
  • What a great night and great game to be showcased on the evil four letter network. Suppan and Cappy, now both have four wins. To quote one of my least favorite musicians, Fred Durst… "Keep Rollin, Rollin, Rollin, Rollin!" Go Brewers!!

It was pretty cool to be in the national spotlight! America really got a great look at the Crew.

Feel free to answer my questions in comments if you have answers or feedback.


First off, thanks for the “jersey help” post. I never even considered Braun. How sweet would that be having an authentic Braun jersey the day he gets called up?

I was stoked watching the national broadcast without resident idiots Boomer and Joe Morgan. I personally don’t give a rat’s about funny nicknames or Joe’s glory years with the Big Red Machine.

Loved the love shown by OB and even Sutcliffe, although Rick sounded like a know-it-all bufoon in the early innings.

The dude near the visiting dugout is my hero. I’ve never not seen him at a game, and he ALWAYS has a Brewer related retro jersey on. Most of those are Cooperstown Collection Mitchell and Ness $300+ jerseys. Add that to incredible season tickets, this dude must be rolling in the dough. I almost peed my pants laughing when Sosa struck out a few years back and that guy was standing up and getting right in Sammy’s face. And you know that he saw it, how could he miss that guy?

I was watching Baseball Tonight last week after the Crew beat Pittsburgh and Orel Hershiser declared that the Brewers are officially “America’s Team.” Don’t know if anyone else caught it, or how relevent it is in April, but that was pretty cool coming from a guy who owned the mighty A’s.

All in all, not too shabby a month. Just imagine what could happen if/when Rickie and Billy get going.

And think about this one… the Brewers have only 9 losses and Ben Sheets pitched in 4 of those games.

Rickey sitting for a few (I think) was good. On Saturday, he did go 2-5 but his three outs were all strikeouts. Plus, his on base percentage has taken a 35 point hit over his last six games (Was .378 now .343).

I think its important to show the young guys that even though we will have bad days offensively, you don’t give up at-bats and you don’t just decide to get out of your game and start over-swinging. I seen Weeks and Hall both do that in Saturday’s game as if they thought they could hit a 5-run homer with nobody on base. Those approaches (To Me) looked like, “We’re down 10-1 so I’ll just rev up and try to go yard.” Both Hall and Weeks sat down on Sunday which I thought was a response to the poor plate-approaches the night before.

I expect Weeks to be back in the lineup on Tuesday and I expect him to have 4 really good at bats regardless if he gets any hits or not.

South Side Rob

Host of the Brewer Nation

America’s team huh? Let’s try to be Wisconsin’s team first.

Amazing stat on Sheets. Let’s hope he stops that tonight.

Sutcliffe sounds like MLB’s equivilant to Bill Walton.

My wife and I are going to name that guy on the corner of the dugout so we don’t have to say “Hey, there’s that guy.” We can say “Hey there’s (name).”

Glad the Weeks thing isn’t major. I guess I just get nervous when I see any guy with an injury, no matter how minor it might be.

Thanks for the comments, guys!


AMEN on the little note to ESPN. They might as well just call it NESPN (North East Sports Network). If you’re not in the upper north, they don’t care …

Funny thing is that I’ve actually looked at the standings 3 times this week and the Brewers are still at the top. I don’t think I’ve looked at baseball standings more than 3 times in a year. Keep cleaning house ‘crew.

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