My Perfect 10 on 102.9 The Hog


In case you care (queue the sound of crickets chirping)… I will be the featured person on 102.9 The Hog (the top rated radio station in my old home town of Milwaukee) tonight between 10:00-11:30. They are interviewing me and playing my Perfect 10 songs during that time. If you live in the Milwaukee area you can listen on the radio, otherwise go to and stream it over the Internet.

I’m hoping not to embarrass myself (I am by no means South Side Rob or Big Rygg when it comes to being comfortable on the radio)! At least it should help you fall asleep.

By the way, Brewer fans will be happy with one of my Perfect 10 choices… as long as they actually play it. See what I mean below:


Laugh all you want at a couple of my choices… I honestly like the songs listed and put that list together in about 3 minutes.  I know there are a few I like better than some of the ones listed, but that was my Perfect 10 of that moment!  You can see my music taste ranges significantly.

And how about that shameless plug for My Brewers?

Do you have a Perfect 10 of your own?  Post it in comments.

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