Staying Optimistic

Even after last night’s two hit loss… their fourth in a row… and seventh in their last ten games… dropping them into fourth place… I am still attempting to stay optimistic. It is way too early not to. The Cubs were in the same position last season and they won the division… and we had a much bigger lead on them than the Cardinals have on us. If the Brewers can salvage one of the last two games in Miami, then they can come home and take it out on the Cardinals and Dodgers, and hopefully make up some ground before heading to Boston, then they are right back in the thick of things… in mid-May.

  • I can not support Eric Gagne anymore. I have said “one more chance” so many times, you can start to call me the Notorious B.I.G. I think it is time to replace him before the Brewers fall further back than they already are. My vote goes to Guillermo Mota.
  • Maybe Ned should pull the lineup from a hat. Have Prince lead off? You can not blame Yost for a team being in the type of slump they are in. He does not hit. I argued that he should quit tinkering with the lineup last season, so I would be a hypocrite if I suggested he start doing that now.
  • I dropped another 1.6 pounds with my company’s Biggest Loser competition. That brings me to 197.2 and increases my total pounds lost to 16.4, or 7.68%. At 6′ 0″, 197, I am roughly the size of Pedro Martinez (5’11”, 195).


Since you’re getting all slimmed down, will I be able to recognize you at the game? Make sure that you’re not turned side-ways, otherwise you just might be invisible!

They sure do make it hard to stay optimistic sometimes, don’t they? Nice setup on the blog. Feel free to check out my Brewers blog here:

Sounds like we have a lot in common by looking at age and interests (Brewers, The Office, Survivorman, etc.). As soon as the link lists are back working I’ll add your blog as a link on mine, feel free to do the same if you’d like. By the way, do you get compensated for the banner ad at the top of your blog? Thanks and Go Crew!

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