A Pleasant Awakening

I was laying on the couch watching the game last night after a long week at work. It was the bottom of the eighth and I was fighting to stay awake. The next thing I knew, my phone was ringing. I had fallen asleep and was getting a call from my dad after Rickie Weeks gave the Brewers a walk off win. It is the second time this season I have fallen asleep before a come from behind win (see: Prince Fielder’s two home run game against the Marlins). I was kicking myself for not staying awake, but I’ll take the win.

I am heading down to the game today. My wife and I will be meeting my parents at their house and then heading down to Miller Park. After never seeing Ben Sheets live (timing and injuries), I will now see him for the second time of the young season. Last time he pitched a complete game shutout against the Giants. That game is ranked third on ESPN.com’s Best National League Games. I can only hope he has a similar game today against the first place Cardinals… especially since it will be on FOX.

The Brewers and their fans must have a “catch the team in front of us” attitude. It is way too early to worry about who is in first and by how much. Just worry about who is immediately in front of you and catch them. Right now, that is Houston. They are 19-17 and 1.5 games in front of us for third place. Two Brewers wins and two Houston losses, and the Crew will be back in third place. Then they can look to whoever is in second place at the time. After we catch that team, then we can aim to take out the first place team. You can not reach the top of the ladder by skipping all of the rungs between you and the top.


Sweet moves Brewers Front Office. How they couldn’t see that Gagne was going to be a bust is beyond me. What has the guy done in 4 years since being off the juice?? What a joke. Piss off Prince so after his contract is up he is leaving town. Way to go Brewers. Don’t give Prince/Braun/ect money……but give it to Gagne. Smart. Maybe I will start rooting for the Cubs.

Just because you work for the cubs, doesn’t mean you have to cheer for them! Let’s trade for Kerry Wood.

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