Not Much to Say

I am having a really tough time finding time to write anything of substance this season. Whether it is that I do not actually have the time or am just not finding the time, my posts have been few and far between. I am still the big Brewer fan I was last season. I still have strong opinions about the team. I still enjoy writing. I just can not get posts up like I could last season. I will try to improve, but I would anticipate a post or two a week from now on.

A few quick hits:

  • Great to see Ryan Braun crushing again.
  • Eric Gagne will ultimately choke and be a one and done in Milwaukee, A clean inning would be nice.
  • Sorry to hear about Rob Edwards having a heart attack. Hopefully he recovers quickly, but I am sure Gene Mueller will do a great job in his place.
  • What is this now… three games in a row where the starter gets the win? Can we make it five in a row and get Manny and Benny a win, too?
  • Gotta love Brewers in HD almost all week!
  • Jeff Weaver has two weeks to make the club or he will leave the organization. I can not decide which I want to have happen?
  • Would bringing up Matt LaPorta for the series in Boston be dumb? Probably. But can you imagine him DH’ing and going nuts on Daisuke, Wakefield, and Buchholz?
  • For anyone that cares… I am down another 1.2 pounds to get to 196.0 in our Biggest Loser competition at work. That is a 17.6 pound loss overall…. or 8.24%.


Finally pulled the trigger and joined the blogging club.

I am heading down to the game today. My wife and I will be meeting my parents at their house and then heading down to Miller Park. After never seeing Ben Sheets live (timing and injuries), I will now see him for the second time of the young season. Last time he pitched a complete game shutout against the Giants. That game is ranked third on’s Best National League Games.

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