Baseball on the Moving Picture Box

It looks like over 150 games will be broadcast this season between Fox Sports Wisconsin, ESPN, and the Fox mothership. If I recall correctly, Brian Anderson said last season that most, if not all, of the games on FSW would be in glorious high definition. We know the ESPN and Fox games will be, but as a HD TV owner (and self proclaimed “HD Snob”) anything less than 90% of the remaining games being in HD is unacceptable. There are fewer things that look better in HD than Brewers baseball games (really any baseball game, but I am a tad biased).

Another tasty morsel of information gleened from the Brewers 2009 broadcast schedule was the fact that they are scheduled for two ESPN Sunday Night Baseball games. The first of the two is the first Sunday game at home against the Cubs. I believe this marks the first time in 12 seasons that the Brewers have had a game on ESPN Sunday Night Baseball… back when they played Hideki Irabu and the New York Yankees at County Stadium. Why do I remember that so clearly? Well, I was a 18 year old usher in the rowdy left field bleachers and witnessed Irabu’s post game presser after getting smacked around by Dave Nilsson all night long (box score).


If I play my cards right, I should have an HD TV in the house by opening day. Got any size recommendations? are you happy with your size?

We have a 55 inch rear projection and a 32 inch LCD. I would split the size and go 42 inches. Make sure you get one with a good contrast ratio.

Thanks for the advice… I was looking to go somewhere between a 42 and 46.

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