I Like The Gagne Move

Eric Gagne had few ups and many downs last season. Those downs were magnified by his mammoth contract. By signing a minuscule deal (in comparison) for 2009, he has a great chance to come in and provide depth to the bullpen with far less pressure on him than he had in 2008. Depth in the bullpen is a great problem to have, and with the acquisitions of Jorge Julio, Chase Wright, Trevor Hoffman, and now the return of Gagne, the Brewers have, arguably, better depth this season than they did in 2008. As a matter of fact, there may be too many arms out there and the Brewers may be forced to release a guy like Todd Coffey if they want to keep Rule 5 pick Eduardo Morlan.

Back to the Gagne signing, the original reason for this post, I think it is a no lose move. If he fails, we got him on the cheap and can discard of him without major repercussions. If he succeeds, he can redeem himself for the downs of 2008 and again, we got him on the cheap. By the way, to make last year’s mega contract feel a little better, I added 2008 and 2009 together and divided by two. Last season does not seem as bad after doing that!

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I like the deal too. Hopefully we can divide this years stats by last years and have an even sweeter deal.

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